A guide to dealing with major storm damage

A guide to dealing with major storm damage
November 10, 2017 admin

Major storms and severe weather come part and parcel with living in Queensland. But it doesn’t mean that we’re often prepared for when the unthinkable happens.

We’re talking about those instances when your roof blows clean off in brutal winds, or caves under the force of a falling tree. The thought of these things happening is worst case scenario stuff. But we want our customers to know that they can get immediate help if it should ever occur. This is what you need to know if you find yourself in a dire situation with the roof of your home.

Steps to take immediately after a severe storm has damaged your home.

  • Check that all members of your household are safe. If any critical injuries have occurred, call emergency services straight away.
  • Assess the damage to your home from a safe distance. DO NOT enter your house if the structure looks unstable or the roof has caved.
  • If your roof has ripped off or caved, call Allied immediately for ‘Makes Safe’ services. We will provide temporary coverage for your home to prevent further damages and assess whether your house is safe to live in while you wait for repairs to be carried out. You can call Allied for emergency “Makes Safe” services on this phone number: 1300 650 114
  • Ask us about an estimate quote for repairs to your home. We can do this while we’re providing “make safe” services, or come back to assess the situation the next day.
  • Ensure that you keep all receipts and documentation of Allied’s services so that you can claim these on insurance.

Steps to take once your house has been made safe.

  • Look up your home insurance policy and see what you are covered for.
  • Attain any documentation of your home ownership if it is safe to do so, and keep it with you.
  • Call your insurance provider to make a claim and quote Allied as taking care of your roofing insurance work. Allied work with most major insurance companies. Contact us to check.
  • Leave everything in Allied’s hands.

We’ll stay in contact with your insurance company and notify them of all repair work, maintain records of it and send these through. If the damage to your home extends past your roof and includes crumbled or cracked walls, tree removal or other internal work, we will take care of this too. You have enough stress trying to rebuild your life, let alone your home, after such a catastrophic event. You don’t want to be chasing up builders, plumbers and carpenters individually when you already have so much to take care of! Your family should be your number one priority during this time, and that’s why we make getting your home back to ship-shape our goal.

Further helpful hints on making an insurance claim.

If you are making a home contents insurance claim, take photos and makes notes of all damages. Do not throw any of your possessions away without first taking a photo of each object. If you need to remove anything from your home such as damaged carpets or flooring, keep samples of these as evidence of damage. This will assist in a speedier claiming process.

If you need to purchase essential items after the storm, such as bedding, clothing or food, make sure that you keep these receipts. According to RACQ, you could be eligible for an emergency payment of up to $5000.

Preventative measures.

Check your insurance.

It may sound a little grim, but it’s important to consider all worse case scenarios when buying insurance. Make sure you regularly update your insurance to include home extensions and consider any major changes in weather in your area. Get your insurance policy and look over it today! Does it cover all major weather events and natural disasters that could affect your home? If not, it’s time to call your insurance provider and make your policy bulletproof.

Download a weather app.

Do you have immediate access to a weather app? Or does your insurance provider send storm warning updates via text message? Being in the know may not stop extreme weather from happening, but it will give you the time to provide safety for your family and your belongings. Download the BOM app for instant access to weather warnings around Australia.

Get a roof restoration.

You want your roof to be in the best possible nick to provide your family with the highest form of safety during a storm. This is why it’s imperative to restore any existing leaks or cracks in your roof with a roof restoration. Allied specialise in roof restorations and replacements and will come out and assess your roof and provide a quote for restoration work absolutely free of charge. For more tips on how you can prepare your roof for storm season, see our nifty guide here.

Install roller shutters.

Did you know that roller shutters are not only a great defence against burglary and the hot sun in the afternoon, but also provide superior protection during severe storms? Say goodbye to hailstones smashing your windows with sturdy roller shutters pulled down!

a href=”https://www.alliedhomeimprovements.com.au/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Allied is much more than a roofing company. We’re committed to excellent service, no-fuss communication and have been taking care of Queensland family homes for many years. You can rely on us to act efficiently and with compassion when it comes to repairing storm damage to your home.