Benefits of Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Reduce electricity expenses by 10-30%

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You’re paying $1000’s more than you need to in electricity bills.

It’s probably not your fault; it’s simply a limitation of how most factories, plants, and offices are built – but there is something you can do about it. Arrange for an Energy Assessment from Allied Group. It’s a free, no obligations consultation so you can get the facts, do the math, and decide for yourself!

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The facts are clear

You’re now being charged for ‘on-demand’ power, but rarely will you actually use all this power. The phenomenon is called your Power Factor, and it’s an energy consumption problem where you’re only getting part of what you paid for. Ever bought a pint of beer that was all head? You paid for a whole glass, but it only came two-thirds full! That’s exactly what’s happening with your power – except you probably don’t even know it’s happening.

To extend the analogy, it’s impossible to have no head on your beer, but you can ensure it’s the minimum necessary, so you get the best value for money. That’s the benefit of Power Factor Correction; it’s like calling the bar manager in so you get what you paid for.

So why is this now a problem? On 1 July 2015, larger businesses are now being charged ‘on-demand’ pricing on power supplied, rather than the power used.

Energex reports this is to reflect ‘more accurately’ business energy consumption. Their goal is to reduce high-energy consumers’ impact on the network. Another way to think of it is as a cost incentive to reduce power factor inefficiencies. And the longer you hesitate, the more it will cost. Every month. Forever.

The alternative? Continue paying for power that you’re not using.

The alternative is to continue paying for power that you’re not using.

More electricity leads to bigger bills which equals poor profit performance.

So how much are businesses saving from Power Factor Correction? Studies show that a bill of $26,835.32 would save $4,779.37 every month! That’s over $57,000 over a year – the equivalent of a full-time employee! Not bad, hey? In fact, not only can you save the equivalent of a whole new worker or employee, that employee is also improving your productivity!

Other benefits include:

  • Enhance your ‘Green-cred’ by reporting a reduced carbon footprint
  • Redirect direct expense savings into productivity or sales
  • Receive financial incentives from energy companies
  • Claim tradable carbon abatement credits for further financial incentives

The solution is simple:

1. Arrange for an Allied Power Factor representative to contact your business

2. Book your Free Power Assessment

3. Analyse our report and calculate the savings off your bottom line

4. Install Allied’s Power Factor Correction

5. Report improved profits to the CEO

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