Enhance your Entertaining Area with Patio Blinds Perfect for Queensland Weather

Enhance your Entertaining Area with Patio Blinds Perfect for Queensland Weather
March 21, 2018 admin

The sunshine state offers incredible year-round entertaining weather, so it’s little wonder we spend so much of our time on the patio with our friends and family.

The Queensland lifestyle is now, more than ever, indoor-outdoor, so it pays to have patio blinds to ensure you can maximise the weather. With Allied’s unique features built into their blinds, you’ll be entertaining friends all year round.

Why choose Allied patio blinds?

  • Add privacy to your home while protecting it from seasonal elements.
  • Add the flexibility of year-round entertainment without compromising the look of your home.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice the curb-appeal of your property to entertain in comfort
  • Allied patio blinds are made with the appearance of your home as a priority.
  • With more than 50 colours and styles to choose from, your blinds will perfectly match your home.
  • Motorised or manual design choice.

Perfectly customised to suit your home

Patio blinds no longer need to be unsightly! With more than 50 colours and styles to choose from, as well as the ability to customise finishes to suit your home, Allied patio blinds are the perfect edition to your outdoor area.

Patio Blinds for Queensland Weather Colour Picker

Protection from wind and rain

Summer storms are no match for Allied patio blinds – they’re able to block 99% of wind and rain! Whether you’re preparing for an event or mid-way through a dinner party – when the rain hits, you’ll stay warm and dry the entire time.

Protection from sun

Queensland’s summer sun won’t be the only thing sizzling when you have Allied’s patio blinds. With excellent UV protection, you’ll be able to keep the snags on the barbie and continue entertaining your guests in style during the harshest of weather.

Simple to operate

Allied’s exceptional design features for patio blinds continue all the way down to their operation. Patio blinds can be installed with simple-to-operate remote controls, allowing you to control the blinds with ease. Alternatively, the blinds can be installed with self-retracting springs and operated manually.

Allied’s patio blinds are also compatible with AlphaNeo App, allowing you to conveniently control your blinds from your smartphone.

Other standout features of Allied’s Patio Blinds.

  • Customised to fit any size patio frame
  • Solutions to fit any shape and style of patio
  • 10-year warranty on fabric
  • 7-year warranty on motor
  • 5-year warranty on structured frame
  • Unique track system Australian designed
  • No unsightly ropes or straps

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