Home Improvements for a More Expensive looking House

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Everyone loves a good home improvement, especially one that adds value to your home, improves your overall happiness and makes you feel wealthier, more comfortable, and on-top-of-the-world cool.

Here are our top 4 home improvement ideas for a house that makes you feel fancy!

1. Restore or replace your roof

New roofing offers an unrivalled level of beauty, charm, and grandeur to any home. There’s nothing better than standing on the street and noticing how brilliant and clean your house looks against your ageing neighbourhood. It makes you feel proud, right?



A fresh coat of paint, new gutters, and restored tiles can help your home look more expensive and add value to your property. Being proactive about keeping your roof in good condition can also help to protect you from leaks, cracks, and heavy storms, as well as boost your roof’s longevity and durability.


2. Solar panels

Did you know that homes with solar panels sell twice as fast as other homes in the same neighbourhood? Yep, green energy is well-liked by millennial home buyers and adds an extra level of social responsibility that many people appreciate.



Solar panels also look luxe and high-tech, with slick black tiles and clean grid lines. In fact, in some neighbourhoods, solar panels are even considered an environmental badge of honour. They enhance the value of your home and make you appear more approachable, environmentally friendly, and community-orientated.


3. Shutters

Nothing says expensive more than a stunning verandah or an outdoor patio area with shutters. Having a well-shaded outdoor space where you can entertain guests, have summer BBQs, and watch the kids play in the swimming pool is an invaluable asset to any Australian home.



Shutters also give you greater control over the temperature, airflow, and privacy of your space. They offer a secluded oasis and allow you to relax inside your home without feeling like your neighbours can see everything.


4. Whirlybirds

Gone are the days of big, bulky ventilation systems that are noisy and awkward. Most modern whirlybirds are slimline and well-designed. They also lower your home’s temperature, improve ventilation, and control moisture and mildew.



One of the biggest added benefits of whirlybirds is lower electricity bills. They increase the value of your home by regulating the temperature more efficiently and preventing your air conditioner from working overtime, so you’re never put out of pocket!


Are you interested in installing solar panels, a new roof, shutters, or a whirly bird? Get in touch with Allied Construction and Roofing today for a free check, measure and quote!