Roofing Insurance Work

It’s going to be OK, Allied’s Got You Covered

Roofing Insurance Work

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious weather event requires prompt action and a kind touch. If you’ve recently been affected we urge you to call our friendly and professional support team immediately.

  • Will provide “Makes Safe” immediately following storm damage.
  • Teams in all regions to assist with all inquiries, at any time.
  • Available normal and after hours when you need us.
  • Service-focused directly for the customer.
  • Deliver the best experience representing the customer.
  • Experienced with the insurance process.
  • Anything else we can do for you – just ask.


If you’ve experienced storm damage to your roof or solar array, call Allied Group immediately.


Office Hours: 1300 650 114

After hours: TBC

Repairing Storm Damage With Allied Group

Ensuring your home is returned to a safe and liveable condition is our priority. Here’s exactly what you can expect when working with Allied:

  • Your home will be attended to by trade qualified builders.
  • Friendly support team are always here to assist you.
  • Work backed by a national roofing and solar company.
  • Proven track record of first-class workmanship and outstanding customer service.
  • Networked with major insurance companies, including Suncorp.

What about storm-damaged asbestos roofs?

Unfortunately, asbestos roofs are less likely to be covered by insurance. If you believe your roof contains asbestos, the first thing to do is review your policy before going further. No insurance? No worries – call to speak with our experts about a licensed Asbestos removalists to replace it with a brand new metal roof, and apply for our affordable payment plans.

Insurance companies:

To work with Allied Group, please call 1300 650 114 or send an inquiry now.

Roofing experts:

To work with Allied Group, please call 1300 650 114 or visit our careers page for more information.

Need help?

Speak to an Allied Group support staff for assistance.

Call 1300 650 114 or send us a message

When the storm left my home with water and hail damage my insurer Suncorp referred my first ever claim to Allied Home Improvements. From start to finish the team from Allied provided excellent service. The tradesmen telephoned and we’re on time every time. Throughout the claim Amanda was in constant contact ensuring I was satisfied with the repairs. I would rate Allied Home Improvements as 5 Star. I have also spoken to numerous work colleagues who are still waiting for their repairs to be completed from other insurance companies. So a Big Thank you Allied for making this experience a good one.


Making a claim for storm damage to your roof or solar

Every claim is different, but generally, to make a claim on your roof, you’ll want to:

  • Locate your insurance policy to check your coverage
  • Lodge a claim with the insurance holder (or find their emergency claims support number)
  • Depending on damage, have an inspection by an approved builder.

Your home insurance policy may be covered for:

  • Violent winds
  • Cyclone or tornado
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hail or snow.

Home Building insurance varies by insurer, so always consult your insurance provider about making a claim.

Getting an estimate of the storm damage

To organise an estimate of the damage your home has incurred, click the button below to send us a message, or call on 1300 650 114. We’re well equipped to provide timely estimates that enable the prompt repair of your home.

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Checking Incoming Storms and Warnings

There are many ways to keep up-to-date of incoming storms in Australia. One of the most popular is the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website. We strongly recommend bookmarking this website, and even downloading one of the many weather apps your phone.

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